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Jerrry Price

Jerry Price ~ Alternative Energy Visionary, Leader, Innovator, Designer, Educator, Motivational Speaker, Racer , Stunt Driver

The Price Family has been a leading force in the Alternative Energy Field since 1953. Jerry and his family were pioneers in converting leading transportation companies to Propane and Natural Gas.  They were the original entrepreneurs and educators paving the way for Clean Energy today.

Jerry’s life long hands-on experience and passion for Alternative Energy has provided him with insight and expertise and he is recognized as a leading authority on the subject.  His driving force has earned his place in history setting the world record running the first multi-fueled Chevrolet Corvette in The World Race 2011- New York to Paris.

Jerry’s goal in racing multi-fueled cars around the globe was to draw international attention to Alternative Energy sources beyond gasoline and diesel to power vehicles thereby eliminating reliance on any one resource.  His accomplishment in The World Race 2011 superseded all others by having converted his Corvette to run on 7 different fuels—Propane, Butane, Gasoline, Methane, Benzene, Ethanol and Vodka!

Jerry’s adventurous spirit and international attention has gleaned the attention of Hollywood’s leading stuntman and world-renowned racer  Mike Ryan, http://mikeryanmotorsports.com.  Mike and Jerry are collaborating on several new projects. Stay tuned for details.

His competitiveness, expertise and vision have gained him much respect in the Alternative Energy Field. He is an accomplished innovator, designer, educator and presenter who will captivate with his knowledge, while entertaining with his compelling personal stories of adventure




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